The prices bellow are in EUR for the basic models only.
The actual price for each charging station will be based on the clients requirements and accepted quotes.



    HEVN City single 2,560
    HEVN City double 3,450
    HEVN Wall single 2,100
    HEVN Wall double 3,050
    HEVN Post single 2,060
    HEVN Post double 2,940
    HEVN Home 2,150
    HEVN DC  30kW 16,800
    HEVN DC  60kW 22,300
    HEVN DC  90kW 28,250
    HEVN DC 120kW 33,100
    HEVN DC 150kW 39,300

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The above prices do not include:
installation | customization | packaging | shipping and handling cost | any special features